Life in Christ

The past 21 years of my life has been a blessing. I am blessed of knowing God in our family through my Catholic faith. Yes, there are times that I have doubts in my mind and in my heart, but in the process of doubting comes the wonderful opportunities of trusting Him.

My parents had been members of Couples for Christ (CFC) for 25 years. Even before we were created and loved, my parents had embraced the life of community and faith. It is saying that God loves my parents that their marriage has lasted this long in spite of trials. Their three children– my brother Mark, 24 and my sister Vina, 23 and I–eventually joined the younger ministries of our community through Kids for Christ and Youth for Christ.

Through the community, we gained new friends and family. But above all, we learned to individually and collectively build a relationship with God. I became inspired to serve as His dutiful princess and to live in His promise of eternal life.

At this point in my life, even if the tides have changed for us to rebuild the community through CFC Foundation for Family and life and its ministries, I know that God carries our family within His mighty hands. It was a heart break to leave some friends behind. But my prayer goes to all of us that different communities may be, we will all cling to God and fulfill the mission of evangelizing people in bringing them to God.

I know I will be a hypocrite to say that I am clean and perfect Catholic. I am not. There were times in my life that I am in the dark and just wanted to give up. But things turned around knowing that God is so devoted in bringing me back on track. I sin. I act on things without thinking. Sometimes, I even hurt others with my words and deeds. The mistakes were sometimes irreversible. But I always give it another try to correct, to learn, and to become a better person.

I realize that this is a lifelong process. The more that I hold on to Him, the more that I know I will experience trials and hardships. I cannot imagine myself living outside the community that we serve. All I know is that God is there and that He will not give me something that will break me that I cannot put myself back together.

In this page, I will fill it with snippets of my life’s learning. I pray that this will keep myself focused on the same vision I had since I am a child: I am God’s princess and living the life in Christ is the best life ever.


About nadineestrella

A passionate leader. A driven learner. A life lover. I believe in God. I play hard, I work smart, I pay attention to details. I always try to see the beauty in life and the goodness in others. I love reading books, exploring places, and experimenting with food. I play different roles: a true friend, a loyal sister, a loving daughter, a faithful woman.

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