In Loving Service

I have been serving in the youth ministry for almost a decade. My entry point was during my youth camp last November 2003. Since then, I never lost anything and had everything to gain.

For one thing, I became closer to God. He made me realize that even if I turn away from Him, He holds on to me. Even if the world turned its back on me, God will be my world. I simply cannot escape His great love.

I also became closer to my family. I am proud that we are all serving Him, and that He strengthens our family despite multitudes of trials. He binds our family in His hands. I am blessed to have a complete family who loves me unconditionally.

I met a lot of friends. They became my positive support system. Whether in school or in Church, having YFL friends around only bring good vibes. They were never the type of people who wish ill things to happen to you, but they will pray for the fulfillment of God’s plan.

My service in God brought me to places I have never been before. I seek Him in all places but it is He who finds me. I have seen in my own eyes His work in changing the lives of other people. It is amazing to see that even in my own life, He moves me to live the best life I can possibly have.

It is not all the time that I learned to cling to Him through good things alone. Most often than not, even the most painful and difficult situations are blessings in disguise. If it is not yet okay, I know it is not the end yet. His wisdom is beyond my understanding. The only thing that I can do is wait for that day to come. If it were not for the things that hurt me, I will not be able to appreciate the things that also make me feel that I am alive.

Nine years and counting in service, I know that God only wants nothing but my complete trust and love in Him. My certainty of a hopeful future must rise above personal doubts now. I cast my sorrows under Christ’s cross, and became replaced by utmost joy.

Now more than ever, even if it is disheartening to say goodbye to my partner in caring for our members, I needed to be strong. I cannot give up and just leave them. In spite of my grief for the passing of my grandfather, I have to be the leader they need, and be a sister that our members can count on.

It is difficult to see my partner go because of circumstances that he also did not want. But he helps me in making sure that even if someone will have to replace him, God will always be victorious. We simply have to have that faith. My grandfather in heaven will also pray for my service.

I am glad that today, June 02, 2012, I spent it with the company of my members. God entrusted me more than forty members that I need to love more. He calls me to reach out to my members more than ever. I am accountable of their lives. I know, I ain’t seen nothing yet, and God will make all of our lives lovelier than ever.

The rarest and most beautiful flower is the one that can grow in the most adverse environment. If that flower always look up toward the sun, then it will bloom in its full glory and leave all shadows behind.

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    A passionate leader. A driven learner. A life lover. I believe in God. I play hard, I work smart, I pay attention to details. I always try to see the beauty in life and the goodness in others. I love reading books, exploring places, and experimenting with food. I play different roles: a true friend, a loyal sister, a loving daughter, a faithful woman.

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