Finding Beauty and Happiness [Chapter 5]

Today, I decided instead of updating my first blog entry about the devotional book “With GOD All Things Are Possible!” I decided to just post new entries for additional chapters that I truly enjoyed. Chapter 5 is “Letting God Fill Your Life with Beauty and Happiness” and it was very inspiring to read. In fact, I have read this entry several times just so I can truly absorb God’s message about finding happiness.

It is a blessing for one’s life to find the meaning of happiness. Many have spent years in search of happiness among the people and things that surround them. I guess, at some instances of my life, I am one of them. Finding the secrets of living a happy life can sometimes bring us even more unhappiness, pain, worries, and troubles simply because we looked at every corner than to look God within ourselves. It is tiring to think about it too much, to discover it, to feel it. In desperation, I forget about God who is the true source of happiness in our lives. Yes, He gave us family and friends to love us and to care for us, but it is God that we should see in them to find the peace and happiness that our minds and hearts desire.

In the first chapter, God consistently reminds me that He loves me. In the third chapter, He moved me further by saying that all He wants me is to have a happy marriage. Now, He gave me the message that it is only through allowing Him to fill my life in Him will I appreciate what “Beauty” and “Happiness” is all about. Even Jesus, Himself, found quiet joy knowing that God loves Him.

The surest way to be happy is to do what God wants me to do. 

It is about living my life in accordance to His laws. Admittedly, when I do something wrong, I always hear this voice of regret why I have to do it… and then I became unhappy. God’s message to find happiness is simple. Yet it is a daily struggle for me to do it each day every day to follow.

Another way of bringing happiness and joy into your life is by helping others.

Jesus is the perfect model in reminding us that when we do something good and right for others without expecting any return, our actions bring us unparalleled happiness. In my life, helping others while expecting a return of love or care only bring disappointments and hurt. I realize, I should always be reminded of this biblical verse “I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13). This is God’s way of saying to me directly that when I help others, instead of focusing what I expect in return, I should instead think that I am helping others because I wanted to see them not me but Christ.

It is by living close to God, in tune with His beauty and the world’s beauty; thrilling to the challenge of living a God-centered life, helping to build His Kingdom, that you will find the only road to beauty and happiness that there is!

Yes, it will never be easy, but it will be worth it.There are days when I feel things are becoming monotonous or I get tired and discouraged but God will sustain me and keep me on moving forward.

I pray to God that He will be ultimate source of strength and happiness. With the things that has happened this past few days, all I can do is to kneel in prayer to Him. My day feels incomplete without finding myself choosing Him to guide my thoughts, words, and actions.

Knowing that the kingdom of God is within ourselves, the search for beauty and happiness is life within us.

It is not in our outward circumstances but deep within ourselves can we find permanent happiness. When we find beauty, hope, and happiness in the simplest and most common things, we realize that yes, the kingdom is indeed within us. 🙂



On another note, Happy 54th Birthday to my father, Manuel L. Estrella! Thank you very much for being such an awesome dad. Indeed, there is always something to be thankful for to God who has given me an earthly father like you. It may not have been such an easy week for our family, but there will always be a rainbow after the rain. Happy birthday and I love you! I always pray for you and mom’s health and loving happiness. 🙂 -N



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