Interview with the Dog


Honestly, other versions of these images were stated as the “10 Canine Commandments.” I found this image over Facebook and it really touched me. I remember all of the dogs we owned from past to present, and how having pets is a good bonding time with my family. Our dogs before were usually fed from table scraps, but now we try to give them the best possible health and care.

As far as I can remember, our dog-loving family has owned over 7 dogs. Rocky (mixed breed) , Assunta (mixed breed), Kento (shih tzu), Ziggy (black labrador mix), and Echo (black chow-spitz mix) are all in doggy heaven now. I really miss them so much. I hope they do have a heaven for them to have fun and play with other dogs, and just be happy and feel no more pain. It is a huge loss each time we have to let go of our dogs.

At home, we still have Chuck (Siberian husky) and Koko (chocolate brown labrador mix) who keeps us very happy and entertained. Next time, I will make a write up for them next time when I can get a decent photo of them together aside from those stored in my Blackberry. I love them very much. It is not difficult raising them up, especially if you have your family to help you out. They are our joy, and they really feel that they are our babies. They love being fed and walking around our village. Plus, they are very cute and commands a lot of attention even from strangers.

I hope this photo that I shared is a reminder to all those dog-owners. It is really very important to spend time with them even for a few minutes, because they easily get bored especially when they are just shut in their cages the entire day. Taking care of dogs requires great commitment and love. They are not stuff toys you can just abandon and leave if you do not want to take care anymore. They have feelings, too. They know how to appreciate and they are a reflection of the emotions that you show them. It is awesome seeing them grow, they do make me smile with their crazy antics and tricks. Even when I get tired after hitting the gym or coming from school, it excites me to go home and check up on them. I do appreciate how they wake me up at exactly 5 AM each day, just so I will not be late for school and I can get decent breakfast. In return, I would feed them and spend time with them for play or walk, or simply just cooing them.

Okay, I will stop now talking about Chuck and Koko. ‘Til next time! 🙂


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