Musings over the grave

Yesterday, we visited my uncle’s grave to pay our respects and pray for all the demised members of our family from my mother’s side. It was a peaceful time reminiscing about his life and sharing this moment with my relatives. Even if it is All Saints’ Day and not yet All Souls Day, it has been a tradition to visit the cemetery and spend the day in solemn prayer in the company of family members.

I realize that indeed, time is quickly passing and fading right before our eyes. Especially with this year’s two deaths in my father’s side, it is difficult losing your loved ones and even if it has happened months ago, I know there is still pain. Somehow I wished I was in our province right now to remember this day at their graves. Praise God we still have each other to give comfort and pray that all our loved ones and the lost souls in the purgatory may rest  in peace.

While my mom and sister were talking to our relatives, I looked around at people on how they are also spending this day in this place. I also glanced at some of the graves and gave a short prayer, hoping that they will receive a visit from their living loved ones. As I peer at the dates etched on the graves, I could not help but wonder if these people were able to celebrate life to the fullest or brought secrets and regrets to their deaths. I thought about why some had to die so young while  some seemed to have been forgotten by friends or family. Well, who knows? These things, they are always part of His Divine plan.

I remember the quote from Mitch Albom’s latest novel, The Timekeeper, when Dor asked the old man about why God limits the time of people on earth.  The story is riveting, involving about a person who counted time but never truly lived it, an old but rich man who wanted more time, and a hopeless romantic who wanted less of time. I realize that yes, God limits the days to make each moment precious. It is a hard truth to realize that when people who matter in life cease to exist that begin to understand and wished that we should have done more for them.

As I removed myself away from these thoughts, I caught my relatives engaged in conversation about our annual family reunion. I realize that life on earth is temporary, and we really should make an effort to enjoy it, just like getting excited about the family reunion. I’m getting pretty chummy about it because that is the occasion that I look forward to right after Christmas and before New Year. It is when almost all of the relatives in my mother’s side gather in one place and have fun over food, games, gifts, and just being together, not to mention that this year, we might celebrate it right in our own home.

It is an amazing life after all.



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