What keeps me going?

Faith. It gives me hope in His beautiful promise that everything will be just fine so long as I work (insanely) hard in all the things that I love to do.

Best advice I learned so far: Do the things you love doing, because (striving for) excellence becomes second nature to you. It will enable you to wake up each day knowing that there is a reason for your existence. Every effort is borne out of that love you can give, and it will never stop you from making (great) things happen.

True story. ❤



About nadineestrella

A passionate leader. A driven learner. A life lover. I believe in God. I play hard, I work smart, I pay attention to details. I always try to see the beauty in life and the goodness in others. I love reading books, exploring places, and experimenting with food. I play different roles: a true friend, a loyal sister, a loving daughter, a faithful woman.

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