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Five Learning Nuggets this 2013

This year is so amazing, too bad I missed a lot of opportunities to write and share about it. Looking back at my 2013, I could not help but stare in awe at how God could transform my then ordinary plans to extraordinary encounters and raising it to greater heights. Thus, I would like to spend my last post for the year remembering each memorable and life-changing realizations:

1. Success is achieved by those who envision it. Instead of writing resolutions, I made a detailed goals last Jan. 1. It is not enough to write “I promise to be …” rather I chose to write very specific and time-bound goals i.e “Engage in contact sports; get a job before graduation; learn to drive before the year ends.”

Every now and then, I update my bucket list, and even then, I surprise myself about how easier it is to not just achieve but also exceed such . For every goal, claim it, take it as yours, and breathe life into it. >

2. Smarts are good, and so is discipline. People tend to label me as smart, genius even by some of my classmates in the University. When asked how come I’m able to do it, I would always tell them “I’m not smart, I’m just disciplined to get the job done”.

Many things whether in school or work are quick to learn…only if you have the discipline to do it. It is not enough to have goals, but to progress from one goal to another for the next 365 days and more, the discipline must be hay-wired into your being…into your very core. It has to be your mindset, your attitude.

3. When your mind/body tells you to quit, don’t. Many times, just when I’m about to quit, the Universe sends signals telling me to hold on a little bit more. I realize that when the going gets tough, it’s time to listen to the heart more and to follow my guts.

More often than not, I did not regret wherever my heart and guts lead me into. 😃

4. Be a learning sponge, and be great at being one. . This year opened new opportunities and blessings from me: graduating University with honors, finding a fantastic job, meeting new friends, living alone, etc. and with each encounter, I discovered a new thing or two–about myself, about others, about life in itself.

This year, I set aside my shy self and plucked up the courage take my learning as my responsibility. Life as an adult did not come with a manual nor it is served with a silver spoon. Experiences are sure to be great teachers, but I also learned significantly by asking advice from my family, trusted friends, and mentors.

The best (and unfailing) advice I got is “do things with great love, it never fails”. If you love what you do, you’ll never stop falling all over again and learning a lot from what you do.

This 2014, I certainly hope to be a more absorbent learning sponge.

5. Keep yourself firmly rooted to your values and beliefs. With so many changes (both bad and good) happening all at the same time, the most important thing is to keep oneself true to your values and beliefs. What matters in life is to have that desire to be good and to do good, not to hurt others intentionally, to learn from mistakes, to keep one’s integrity and dignity intact, among other things.

I could not count how many times my values and beliefs were challenged, but I realize that it is part of the whole how-to-learn-to-live-your-life process. When all material things are taken away from me, what remains is the things that remain invisible: love, faith, charity, forgiveness, determination, quality time with family and friends, among others. May this year be a year where we inhale and exhale love. ❤